There are now many techniques you can use to install macOS on your Intel PC (Hackintosh).

Enable virtualization on your Windows PC.

With Fusion Player and Fusion Pro, run nearly any OS as VMs. .

8 Install macOS on the virtual machine.

Select Installer disc image file (iso) > Browse to and select the downloaded MacOS Ventura.

There’s a way built into macOS to get the installer using the softwareupdate --fetch-full-installer command in Applications > Utilities > Terminal. . Mar 4, 2021 · Installing OS X 10.

Everything should work on the main 3 platforms (Windows, macOS and Linux) that VMware support.

Step 6: Install VMware Tools. Select Installer disc image file (iso) > Browse to and select the downloaded MacOS Ventura. .

Open the "Install VMware Tools" file to start the installation process. .

x (2129534) Additional Information For translated versions of this article, see: 日本語: Apple Mac OS X の仮想化 (2080710) 简体中文: 虚拟化.

Once installed, launch VMware Fusion Player from your Launchpad or Applications folder.

Select Apple Mac OS X and macOS 12 > Click Next. Power on This Virtual Machine.

com. Power on This Virtual Machine.


Dec 11, 2022 · class=" fc-falcon">Step 5: Install macOS Catalina as VM on VMware.

Then choose ‘’Erase’’ option, placed at the top of the Utility.

. Open VMware and on the macOS Catalina VM window Click Power on this Virtual Machine. .

Now, you’ll see macOS Utilities Window. Adjust the disk size if necessary. Wait for macOS to boot up. Name your drive as you wish. Step 3: Download and Install Unlocker for VMware.

Name the VM MacOS13 and set the path to store the VM files > Click Next.

Now start the VM, install macOS and continue with the Post-installation:) Method 2 First of all you need to prepare the USB that we will use to install macOS on VMware Instructions. .


Nov 16, 2020 · Install VMware Workstation Pro 15.

x and VMware Fusion Pro 8.

gl/6FVA1M Learn step by step how to install Apple Mac OS X El Capitan 10.

" Since you just bought a new Mac, you should still have Apple Care.